2017.05.24 V/A #17 Ensemble Economique / GEK / SOaDFC / CMCC

18358931_1963692257184990_3909401733370571020_o (1)Ensemble Economique (US)
Projekt Briana Pyle’a z Kalifornii, który łączy w sobie elementy eksperymentalnej elektroniki, synth-popu, muzyki psychodelicznej, drone’u i post-rocka opartego na plemiennych rytmach. Brian jest członkiem także takich grup jak RV Paintings czy Starving Weirdos (okładkę jednego z ich winyli projektował Wilhelm Sasnal z Romanem Dziadkiewiczem). Wydawał swoje płyty m.in. w Not Not Fun (Sun Araw, Peaking Lights, Pocahaunted) czy Dekorder (Black To Comm, The Hafler Trio).

With CMCC = Colisiones Menores Casi Continuamente (Minor Collisions Almost Continuously), Juan Orozco develops a solo project of a deep and contemplative character, which focuses on performance, improvisation and experimentation.
CMCC address space as that happens all the time but we do not see: the sound-cloud refers to the stones floating and permanent shocks in the interplanetary belts.
That perfect decontrol works as a trigger attempt to zoom in time to stop at the depth of sound beyond the plane, and express weight, space.
Not using pre – produced sounds or computer places the action in the process. Putting live CMCC highlights on the passing of the experience, here and now. The „armed” happens on stage. Meanwhile, the intention is to resize while building a spatiality sound situation.
Through toy keyboard/samplers low-fi, audio processors, body microphones, hacked radios and DIY synths, CMCC polls the appeal of simplicity, the physical / material relationship and spatiality.

Sunrise over a Dystopic Future City – With just synthesizer and drums, Liz Kosack and Christian Tschuggnall create a massive, dark, submersive experience which seems to suggest the breaking apart of some immense decaying civilization already on the verge of imminent collapse.
Invoking the very vortex of chaos, and the aftermath of destruction – the music tends to swell and swallow the listener, bring them to the brink of madness, but set them down again – a cycle of destruction and rebirth. Sunrise over a Dystopic Future City is an experiment in expansion. With subtle to egregious use of electronics (effects on both keys and drums) as well as transformative visuals, the duo commands a recess into another possible reality, weaving searing improvisation around structured form. Some order in chaos, some sense of apocalyptic hope.

Grupa Etyka Kurpina (PL)
Projekt Adama Frankiewicza eksplorujący technikę kolażu audio z wykorzystaniem próbek wyciętych z taśm magnetofonowych, kaset VHS, starych słuchowisk radiowych i telewizji. Na żywo montowane przy użyciu magnetofonów (2x „Philips d6350”, 2x „sony wm-d6c”, aiwa TP-VS615).
Adam Frankiewicz
Założyciel niezależnego wydawnictwa Pionierska Records. Twórca/współtwórca projektów „Ojun”, „Grupa Etyka Kurpina„, „ZXSinclair”, „Listen to the East„. Reżyser teatralny i współczesny kompozytor, montażysta. Tematy bliskie: improwizacje na bazie loopów taśmowych, rejestracja lo-fi.

20 zł