2017.06.16 Javier Areal Velez – koncert

18620899_1987525188135992_5117160062446067172_odrzwi: 20:00, strat: 21:00, wstęp

Javier Areal Vélez is an Argentinian composer and improviser who performs mostly on electric guitar, with or without things stuffed between its strings.

His approach relies heavily on a primal technique that emphasizes timbre and rhythm, and avoids traditional forms in favor of intensity, dynamic contrast and general strangeness. The physicality of his interactions with the guitar creates sonic outcomes not usually defined by any specific genre.

He’s part of Calato, a loud electric quartet of improvised and composed pieces. Former projects have included leading the bizarre pop band El Helicóptero and noise/postpunk trio COSO, and being a founding member of Buenos Aires’ Improvisers Orchestra and Enjambre de Guitarras.