2017.10.22 Malbrott + Dickaty/Olter

21622327_10211078289056001_250941330_nAndreas Røysum (klarnet)
Joel Ring (wiolonczela)

Målbrott is a scandinavian duo consisting of clarinetist Andreas Røysum and cellist Joel Ring. They are both among the most active young players on the thriving Oslo jazz and improv-scene, and have played with people like Frode Gjerstad, Rhodri Davis, Kresten Osgood and Rhys Chatham. When they started playing together it was with electric guitar and bass, situated within a completely abstract and textural landscape, but when the two multiinstrumenalists started playing their acoustic instruments together the music opened up; references to free jazz, western classical music and noise are all there, blending seamlessly together.


Ray Dickaty (saksofony)
Teo Olter (perkusja)

Duo of musicians involved in warsaw’s improvising scene, the Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra and Impro Miting, this time more focused on tradicional ideas about jazz music.

start: 20:30
wejście: 15 zł